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Legend Line
Item No 63
High Speed Production of Flour Tortillas, Chapati, Roti or Wraps
Suitable for Wholesale, Supermarket, Restaurant
From 400 to 2000 Dozen per Hour

The Legend Series of Four Tortilla Ovens are created to meet the demands of a busy wholesale, retail, or large restaurant operation.  The oven has special built-in Critical Control Point Monitors

  • Programmable dwell or rate indicator
  • Digital temperature readout
  • Gas pressure readout for each individual heat zone.

Standard Features:

  • Outboard drive
  • Heavy duty insulation
  • Externally adjustable turn-around pans
  • Spring-loaded oven belt tensioning
  • Finger type turn-around (1st turn only)
  • Combustion systems available in either Lawrence designed efficient atmospheric or eclipse pre-mix systems.

Additional Features Available:

  • Magnetic infeed conveyor
  • Double brushes
  • Remote control panel
  • Infrared temperature sensor
  • Hood lift system
  • CB5 or slatted baking boards
  • A/C Inverter drive
  • All continuously guided CB5 baking bands with counter-weight tensioning system
  • Stainless steel main frame.

The Legend Series Flour Tortilla Oven has models available to produce between 400 dozen per hour up to 2000 dozen per hour.


Constructed of:

  • All steel channel painted main frame
  • All stainless steel doors and hood
  • Double insulated hinged doors with air gap
  • Double wall insulated hood with draft-inducing insular air gap.