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Externally Heated Tortilla Chip Fryers Logo
Mega Line
Item No 66
High Speed Production of Tortilla Chips & Snacks
Suitable for Wholesale, Supermarket
From 1000 to 2500 lbs Per Hour

Constructed of our laser cut, heavy-duty stainless steel and tested to meet your exacting requirements for Tortilla Chip Frying.


Conveying System Features

  • Synchroinized stainless steel inlet paddle gently distribute the chips and convey them to the submerger belt
  • Submerger belt with paddles
  • Separate A/C inverter drive systems control paddle/submerger and discharge belts independently
  • External motorized fines drim and discharge conveyor with programmable air pulse to discharge fines
  • Stainless steel mesh discharge belts supported with rotary style bearings to eliminate belt wear and reduce maintenance

Main Oil Circulation Features

  • High-velocity centrifugal pump continuously circulates oil through the fryer and heat exchanger
  • Fines are held in suspension and removed as 100% of the circulating oil passes through the fines removal belt

Drive Features

  • Both padle/submerger and discharge belts have variable speed A/C inverter drive systems

Cooker Features

  • Fryer design utlizes minimum oil to achieve rapid oil turnover with precision cooking
  • Unique large-volume oil distribution inlet manifold with easily removable clean out provides even distribution of flow over full width of fryer
  • Internal cooking kettle dam creates constant oil level and eliminates surges
  • Auto level control to replenish oil as needed
  • Unique design of sumbmerger converyor frame prevents warpage
  • Kettle design allows submergin of all conveyor components to simplify clean up
  • Motorized fines removal system continuously removes foreign matter, extending oil quality
  • Magnetic starter with control circuit for oil vapor exhaust
  • U.L. approved control and disconnect boxes.

Heat Exchanger Features

  • 87% efficient transfer of flame heat to oil (individual operator conditions may vary results)
  • Stack mounted safety high stack temperature shutdown sensor (shutdown may require manual resetting as well as the flame management system)
  • Alarm horn with silence button for the burner shutdown
  • Door-mounted inciating lights for power on, burner on, alarm, main fuel and flame failrue reset switch
  • Internally mounted flame safety with descriptive messaages indicating type of failure with door-mounted reset button and UV flame sensor
  • High pressure and low differential pressure switches for low fluid flow safety shutdown
  • Bypass style check valve facilitates cleaning
  • Low combustion air safety shutdown switch


  • For continuous frying of Tortilla Chips, as well as other snack products, where the tolerances for frying consistency and oil quality are critical.


  • Available for Tortilla Chips from 1,000 lbs. to 2,500 lbs./Hour


  • Base support frame is all heavy duty stainless steel tubing
  • Kettle pan is 3/16 mild steel with stainless steel trim  (Optional:  All stainless steel kettle)
  • Hood doors are all 304 stainless steel
  • All belting and paddles are stainless steel

Critical Control Monitors

  • Separate dwell time indicators for paddle/submerger belt and discharge belt
  • Oil temperature indicator.


  • Dual zone chart recorder
  • Motorized hood lift
  • Clean in-place system
  • In line vent oil extractor
  • Oil scrubber
  • Stainless steel kettle