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Mega 52 OP/AL System & Mega Twin In-Line Logo
Mega Line
Item No 59
Full System
High Speed Production of Flour Tortillas, Chapati, Roti or Wraps
Suitable for Wholesale, Supermarket
Up to 4500 Dozen per Hour

The Mega 52 OP/AL System and Mega Twin In-Line is Lawrence Equipment's all-in-one complete system starting with the proofer through to optional counter/stacker/bagging systems.

Mega 52 Press

Standard Features:

  • 52 in. X 52 in. long platen is hydraulically actuated
  • Accurate, electronic, dual direct drive, dual drive Teflon belt rolers (both rollers are driven), belt-indexing system.  System features repeatable digital speed control to allow easy timing with OP/AL system.
  • Magnetically Encoded Belt with connecting pin facilitates belt removable and replacement
  • Auto Tracking syste eliminates need fro repeated adjustement of Teflon belt
  • Main Conveyor Design And Air Assist prevetns cripples at discharge roller
  • Patented continuous platen cover reel system allows the operator to index a new platen cover into position within one minute
  • Patented "belt saver"
  • Camera system for Press provides automatic diameter control - optional

Touch Screen Control

  • Multi-zone temperature control system assures superior platen temperature control
  • Touch Screen interface displays all error messages and prompts operation data input

Micro Blower Premix Oven

  • Independent premix blowers with infrared eye surface temperature thermostatic control per tier for optimal bake
  • All stainless steel  main frame, double insulated doors and hood
  • Free-standing UL approved control panel with color Touchscreen and One Touch interface
  • Electronic ignition
  • patent pending double magnet driven turnarounds prserve orientation as well as extend mesh life
  • Unique retractive mesh discharge eliminates waste from entering cooling as well as down stream packaging.

Mega 52 Options:

  • Servo actuated positive position prepress

Lawrence Positive Positioning Cooling Conveyor

  • patent pending positive positioning turnarounds preserve orientation without increasing maintenance
  • All sanitary wash down frame design eliminates standing water or debris collection
  • Double end drive with poly chain belt drive for low maintenance and quiet operation

Lawrence All Inverter Indexing Counter Stacker

  • Patent pending airlift reduces the risk of tortillas folding into the catch cups
  • Ultra light high-speed digital interrupt gates eliminates inconsistency and high maintenance of pneumatic cylinders
  • Patented oscillating stack cylinders assure concentricity.

Lawrence Accuview Tortilla Vision Inspection System:

Sorts and rejects for teh following criteria:

  • Diameters
  • Flat edges
  • Holes Overlaps
  • Toast points (baked marks)
  • Sorts up to 8 lanes and 200 tortillas/minute per lane

System includes:

  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Rugged industrial PC
  • High efficiency light source
  • Color camera with high definition and air purge to prevent lens contamination
  • Pneumatic reject bar
  • Easy cleaning plastic conveyor belting
  • Remote viewing panel - optional





  • Precision timing gate interfaces divider and OP to assure consistent loading
  • All continuously guided roller chains
  • Available with automatic steam/dryer and humidity control
  • Concealed utility ducts for air, electrical and water service
  • Interface hardware for AL
  • Patent Pending third station heated discharge platen for superior roundness and under press smooth transfer.


  • One Touch technology
  • Clen-in-place system
  • Vault style insulated and hinged proofer door and double wall insulated top
  • Touch screen control panel
  • C.E. approved - optional
  • Watertight electrical enclosures.

One Touch Control

The One Touch Control allows the operator to recall a recipe saved for all the following parameters:

  • Divider timing
  • All zones of press temperature control
  • Press pressing time
  • Press belt delay time
  • Oven dwell time*
  • Oven belt temperatures*
  • Cooler infeed belt speed (if separate)*
  • Main cooling conveyor speed*
  • Cooler discharge belt speed (if separate)*
  • Proofer cycle rate
  • Auto loader program
  • Proofer humidity set point
  • Clean-in-place system
  • Light curtain safety system - optional
  • Counter stacker row counts - optional
  • Stack transfer - optional
  • Bagger - optional


* Also available on Oven Control Panel



Mega Twin In-Line & Mega 52 OP/AL Systems


For the automation of proofing and loading in the production of pressed flour tortillas, wraps, and other flat breads.  The OP/AL is composed of an Overhead Proofer (OP) and patented Automatic Loader (AL) plus one press.

The Twin In-Line OP/AL is enhanced bby the use of a second press and second Automatic Loader (AL) in a tandem configuration.


Single Mega 52 with One Touch Control

  • 25 Ball to 6-8.5 in. up to 2250 dz/hr*
  • 16 Ball to 10.5 in. up to 1600 dz/hr*
  • 9 Ball to 14 in. up to 900 dz/hr*

Twin In-Line Mega 52 with One Touch Control

  • 25 Ball to 6-8.5 in. up to 4500 dz/hr*
  • 16 Ball to 10.5 in. up to 2880 dz/hr*
  • 9 Ball to 14 in. up to 1620 dz/hr*

* Depending upon formulation


Overhead Proofer (OP) Construction:

  • All stainless steel mainframe, exterior doors and shafts.  Stainless steel sprockets trays, chains and miscellaneous hardware.

Mega 52 Construction:

  • 1-1/4 in. shimming platen with dual 3 in. platens
  • 18 heaters top and bottom (36 total)
  • All high strength cast steel structural press components
  • Heated discharge
  • All cast A fram, top and bottom H frames
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