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Legend 36 Tortilla Press Logo
Legend Line
Item No 70
High Speed Production of Flour Tortillas, Chapati, Roti or Wraps
Suitable for Wholesale
From 40 to 1400 Dozen per Hour

The Legend 36 Tortilla Press is used for the improved speed and accuracy of automatic press forming of flour tortillas, pizza crusts.



  • Reciprocating discharge conveyor system to provide continuous flow from press to oven
  • Auto tracking system assures long teflon belt life and low product waste
  • Patented belt saver system
  • Gull wing access doors for ease of cleaning
  • Pneumatically assisted belt take up facilitates easy belt removal
  • Message display center reports systems status and aids in troubleshooting
  • Belt temperature stabilizing device
  • Magnetically encoded belt with connecting pin facilitates belt removal and replacement in 2 1/2 minutes (patented!)
  • All platen heaters have flexible heater connections to ceramic terminal blocks
  • Stainless steel welding bus bars replace traditional high temperature heater jumpers
  • All stainless steel hinged doors
  • Redesigned platen support system doubles rigidity
  • Platen leveling system facilitates adjustments for platen flatness.


  • Self-contained hydraulic system with "air over oil" heat exchanger
  • Self-contained hydraulic and pneumatic control panel
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tank utilizes high & low pressure filter system to remove contaminants, extending oil life.


  • All electronic circuits protected by circuit breakers
  • Proximity type sensors used throughout
  • U.L. approved disconnect panel.

Critical Control Point Monitors:

  • In-line flow meter for monitoring oil flow
  • Pneumatic pressure indicators
  • Three-zone temperature control for both upper and lower platens
  • Press cycle rate indicator
  • Completed cycle counter
  • PLC managed belt speeds.


  • 12" pressing ram
  • Heavy-duty loader boxes utilize linear motion bearings and hardened guide shafts.  This improves rigidity while virtually eliminating maintenance
  • Auto tracking system assures longer teflon belt life and low product waste
  • Main conveyor design and air assist prevents cripples and discharge roller.


  • Temperature controls incorporate amperage-monitoring device to signal operator of bad heating element.
  • In-line flow meter for monitoring hydraulic pump system
  • Highly accurate, electronic, direct-drive belt indexing system
  • System features 100% repeatable digital speed control to allow easy time with the OP/AL systems
  • Dual display digital liquid-emitting diode temperature controllers improve operating continuity
  • PLC operations management with data access panel
  • Multi-zone temperature control system assures superior platen temperature control.


  • Platen size 36" wide x 36" long
  • Speeds in excess of 1,400 dozen/hour
  • Product size 4" to 18" in diameter.

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