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Legend Line
Item No 91
High Speed Production of Flour Tortillas, Chapati, Roti or Wraps
Suitable for Wholesale
From 1000 to 10000 Dozen per Hour
  • Uniquely fabricated main upper press platen with vacuum assist against which the discrete TCP Skin is secured
  • TCP Skins are pre-indicated for precise location of shim by diameter and program array
  • High temperature replaceable seal assures TCP Skins affix firmly to head
  • A variety of circular shims of varying thickness and diameter are available for precision adjustment and enhanced heat transfer
  • Simple on-screen commands assure operator’s success in TCP change-overs
  • Unique three point alignment system assures that TCP Skin is properly squared relative to the upper pressing head for secure attachment
  • Stainless steel multi TCP Skin Storage Rack for easy access positioned over the press discharge



This is the ultimate life extension system for the Lawrence Legend 42 OP/AL and Mega 52 OP/AL.  the One touch Shim upgrade's head gears assure even pressure distribution which is particularly important when making thin product.  Safety guard for operator safety provided as well.



Single Legend 42 with ONE TOUCH Control:

  • 25 Ball to 6 inches up to 2250 dozen per hour
  • 16 Ball to 8 1/2 inches up to 1600 dozen per hour
  • 9 Ball to 12 inches up to 900 dozen per hour

Twin In-Line Legend 42 with ONE TOUCH Control:

  • 25 Ball to 6 inches up to 4500 dozen per hour
  • 16 Ball to 8 1/2 inches up to 2880 dozen per hour
  • 9 Ball to 12 inches up to 1620 dozen per hour

The Complete Mega 52 System:

Overhead Proofer:

  • Models are available for 6, 8, 10, and 14 pocket proof trays from 2 to 60 minutes of proof time

Automatic Loader:

  • Up to 5 tray concurrent discharge for individual loader programs from 4 to 49 balls per pressing cycle

The Lawrence Equipment Double Mega Flour Line can produce over 3,200 dozen per hour in the following increments

Up to:

  • 6" up to 4,410 dozen per hour
  • 7" up to 2,200 dozen per hour
  • 11" up to 1,440 dozen per hour
  • 15" up to 810 dozen per hour.



The One Touch quick Shim is an upgrade for the Legend 42 and Mega 52 Systems.  The One Touch Quick Shim upgrade comes with TCP Skins complete with required shims optimized to any specific diameter.  Change-over time is 2 minutes. 

Construction Features:

  • Precision laser-cut modules manufactured to Lawrence
  • Equipment's exacting standards for fit and product longevity
  • All stainless steel mainframe
  • All stainless steel hydraulic tank, exterior doors and shafts
  • Stainless steel sprockets, chains, and miscellaneous hardware