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Lawrence/Hartmann Automatic Bagging & Se Logo
Lawrence Line
Item No 92
High Speed Production of Flour Tortillas, Chapati, Roti or Wraps
Suitable for Wholesale, Supermarket
From 60 to 80 Dozen per Hour

Introducing the Lawrence/Hartmann Automatic Bagging & Sealing System.  Showing Model VS320 with a mechanical vacuum arm that assures bags are opened every time.  The operator-friendly control interface makes changes quick and easy for both the Hartman VS320 and V32014. 

The automatic bag magazine holds up to 3 wickets at a time.  With 3 configuration plans, the Lawrence/Hartmann Auto Bagger/Sealter will fit most plant layouts.

The Lawrence Stack Transfer has programmable stack compression heads to accommodate 3 to 6 rows of product along with variable temperature water-cooled heat sealing.  Adjustable rake and angle stack alignment guide assures optimum bagger performance.



  • VS320 handles 5 in. - 12 in. and up to 70 bags/minute
  • V32014  handles 4 in. to 14 in. and up to 50 bags/minute


  • Ethernet capable Allen Bradley PLC
  • Machine construction alternatively in left-hand or right-hand design
  • Automatic bag magazine changer holds up to 3 wickets of bags
  • Wickets change takes less than 5 seconds
  • Bags are opened every time and inflated by impulse-controlled air jets and a mechanical vacuum arm
  • Variable product funneling scoops with height and side adjustments
  • Sterilizing Filter Unit to sterilize the compressed air, which is used to open the bags
  • Driving motor with frequency regulation
  • Capable of bagging as few as 2 tortillas
  • Stainless steel execution frequency regulation
  • Power transmission by a maintenance-free positive belt
  • Integrated Variable Heat Sealer with integrated cut off knife
  • Touch Screen: Menu-driven display control indicator for all operating states

Lawrence Stack Transfer

  • Plug in interface with the Lawrence All Inverter Counter Stacker
  • Models available with up to 2 minutes of stack accumulation
  • ONE TOUCH system interface for shut down and start up
  • Compresses stack for improved integrity during transfer
  • Can transfer 2 to 30 tortillas per stack depending upon thickness
  • Bi-directional stack transfer conveyor to assure uninterrupted packaging
  • UL Approved control panel

Stack Transfer Conveyor

  • Straight, 90º or 135º flex turn stack transfer conveyor gently
    moves product to cue of Bagger
  • Wash down duty and error messages (menus can be switched by the touch of a finger)
  • Sterilizing Filter Unit to sterilize the compressed air, which is used to open the bags



Construction Features:

  • All heavy duty stainless steel main frame
  • All our equipment is constructed of laser-cut stainless steel for optimum fit and use